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Triangle Home and Deck can safely and effectively remove the black stains on your roof. These black stains are an algae or fungus common to warm, humid southern climates. This organism will shorten the lifespan of your shingles - sometimes by up to 30% - by loosening the protective granules that preserve them. The black algae is also a major eyesore that diminishes the curb appeal of your home. There is no need to replace your roof – we can clean it with instant results! When we clean your roof, you will immediately see the black streaks gone, and it will look like a new roof. Cleaning a roof is a fraction of the cost of replacing it. Give us a call today so we can discuss our roof cleaning process and give you a quote.

Why Soft Washing?

Using high pressure on a roof can remove the top layer of stain, but it doesn't kill the organisms that cause it. Power washing can also do major damage to your roof (there is a video in FAQ showing this). Our soft roof washing system both cleans and kills the bacteria that produce the black stains on your roof. Our soft washing method is the most effective and affordable option for cleaning and protecting your roof.

Our Roof Cleaning Services

 Will NOT harm your shingles.
 Will NOT void your roof warranty.
 Will greatly improve the appearance of your home.
 Are guaranteed against black streaks returning for 3 years.

3 Year Roof Cleaning Guarantee
If black streaks return within 3 years we will retreat the areas at no charge to you.
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BEFORE: Roof Cleaning
Best Roof Washing Company in Raleigh NC - Before Roof Washing

AFTER: Roof Cleaning
Best Roof Washing Company in Raleigh, NC - After Roof Washing

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There is no need to replace your roof – we can clean it with our soft washing roof cleaning process!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will pressure washing harm my roof?
Yes. Pressure washing at a close range will dislodge the granules from the shingles and scar the shingles. NEVER USE A PRESSURE WASHER TO CLEAN A ROOF! | ROOF DAMAGE (video)
Do you use chemicals that can harm my plants or pets?
People, plants and pets remain safe. We use protective measures as part of our operating procedures. This includes using tarps and plastic, and rinsing before, during, and after the roof clean.
How do you access hard to reach areas of the roof?
We access the roof by placing a ladder on the gutter line and climbing to the edge of the roof. 95% of the time we will not need to actually step on your roof. If we do, it will be done safely in an area that has a low pitch.
What causes the dark stains and black streaks on my roof?
Most shingles are manufactured using limestone as the base filler to cut the expense of manufacturing. The ugly black streaks are a form of bacteria “Gloeocapsa Magma” that feeds off of the limestone filler of your shingles!
Will your roof cleaning service void my roof's warranty?
No! Our company uses the methods recommended by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, (ARMA), GAF, and Owens Corning. They all suggest low pressure cleaning methods and solutions to clean roof algae.
How can a dirty roof affect my home owners insurance?
We are not insurance experts, however, evidence exists that improperly cleaning your roof or not properly maintaining your roof could result in negative consequences with your insurance company. News Report (video)

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