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We specialize in cleaning houses. Using professional, low pressure washing methods, we can safely remove the mold, mildew, and dirt from your house. Let us help you protect and preserve your largest investment. We promise quality work, personal service, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Your home is a special place – we understand this and will treat it with the care it deserves.

Why Low Pressure Washing?

Many people think they need high pressure washing to clean their home. Actually, high pressure washing your house can cause damage to your siding and windows. The high pressure washing can take off paint, break seals, and allow water to get behind your vinyl - causing mold and mildew that you cannot see! Soft power washing uses low pressure and a combination of safe and effective cleaning solutions to take the mold, mildew, and dirt off your house without any damage.

Low Pressure Washing Benefits

Low pressure reduces chances for damage.
High quality soaps and detergents lead to a cleaner house.
Algae, mildew and mold are killed at a molecular level, allowing the home to stay cleaner longer.
 Low pressure requires less water than cleaning with high pressure.
Biodegradable and pet-safe cleaning agents ensure a safe cleaning process.

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Professional low pressure washing is the safest way to wash your home. We'll make your home look like new!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all pressure washing companies alike?
No! A pressure washer in untrained hands can cause a lot of harm to your home. Commercial pressure washing companies have Commercial equipment, and are licensed and insured.
What are the dark stains and black streaks on my home?
Most likely it is mold, mildew or algae. All of these like to grow in shady areas with high humidity. These fungi will grow on just about anything, concrete, vinyl, stucco, stone, bricks, wood and shingles.
What is soft washing or low pressure washing?
Low pressure or "Soft" washing uses specialized equipment and uniquely formulated cleaning solutions that have been developed to protect against damage caused by high pressure washing machines.
Who will work on my property?
The owner of the company and several well trained personnel with the proper equipment. All employees wear a company uniform and adhere to strict safety protocols.
Will pressure washing harm my roof?
Yes. High pressure at a close range will dislodge the granules from the shingles and scar the shingles. WARNING: ROOF CLEANING REQUIRES A SPECIAL PROCESS | ROOF DAMAGE (video)
What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee?
I will guarantee your Satisfaction with the services we offer. If you are not satisfied, we will come back, free of charge, until we meet your expectations! Our Customers are our #1 priority.

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