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Your concrete driveway and walkways are highly porous. The porous nature of concrete is well suited to harbor algae, dirt, mold and other contaminants that cause your concrete surfaces to lose their white appearance over time. Concrete driveways commonly turn black, green and brown based on these contaminants. We can restore your concrete to like new condition and greatly improve your home's curb appeal.

Our Process

Our concrete cleaning process starts with the application of a 100% environmentally friendly “Green” cleaning product. Our proprietary foaming cleaner clings to surfaces and lifts out the dirt, mold and mildew that has set in over time. We then follow up with our controlled pressure washing with professional equipment that does not leave streaks or striping marks that you may see from the “door to door” or “do-it-yourselfers” that you may see from less professional cleaners who do not have the proper training or equipment. Our concrete cleaning process will give you that new look and feel without causing damage to the driveway or grass.

Driveway & Sidewalk Cleaning Benefits

Prolong your Driveway’s Lifespan: Without proper maintenance you will eventually have to replace your driveway, but you can greatly increase how long your concrete surfaces last with an occasional visit from a pressure washing professional.

Increase Safety: There are plenty of harmful substances that can build up on your concrete surfaces. This foreign matter can create a slippery surface by greatly reducing traction. A simple pressure washing visit can completely eliminate this build-up, making your driveway and walkway safer.

Boost Your Home’s Value: Your driveway is one of the first things people notice about your home and keeping it like new is a great way to preserve your property value. If you haven’t had your driveway pressure washed by a pressure washing company before, you will be pleased with the results.

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BEFORE: Driveway Cleaning
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AFTER: Driveway Cleaning
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Our foaming cleaner clings to surfaces and lifts out the dirt, mold and mildew that has set in over time.

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