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Triangle Home & Deck is the region's premier choice for wood restoration, repair, deck staining and maintenance. We specialize in restoring the natural beauty of wood and preserving it for years to come. Unprotected and neglected wood can be a major eyesore and a liability that significantly devalues your property. We exist to offer reliable and affordable solutions to homeowners who want to preserve the beauty and usefulness of their exterior wood.

What Sets Us Apart

  • The majority of homes in the Triangle area have some kind of exterior wood surface. This creates the demand for a professional service that devotes itself to properly restoring and maintaining this valuable asset.
  • People who try to do wood restoration on the side may have good intentions, but they do not have the proper training, experience, knowledge, or investment in the best equipment and supplies that is necessary to provide a high-quality service.
  • While there may be a time and place for these companies to handle a deck or fence, it pays off in the long run to have a professional company repair, clean, and stain your deck the right way. The upfront cost may be more, but the long-term benefit and satisfaction will be worth it.

Our Process

Triangle Home & Deck follows a thorough procedure when it comes to restoring decks:

  1. An in person consultation to determine the size, condition, and specific needs of the deck
  2. An analysis of the deck for any repairs, board replacements, or additional support needed before cleaning
  3. A thorough deck cleaning using contractor grade chemicals and appropriate low pressure.
  4. Brightening of the deck using a solution that returns the wood to its original color and opens the pores of the wood to accept a stain/sealer
  5. After waiting for the deck to dry, sanding and buffing are often (but not always) necessary to provide the optimal surface for accepting stain
  6. Staining the deck using a high-quality product that protects and preserves the wood and also fits the customer’s needs aesthetically.
  7. Providing the customer with valuable information about how to maintain their deck over the years.

**Many companies offer services to clean and stain decks, but what most homeowners don't realize is that the preparation to stain the deck is almost always the most important factor in exterior wood restoration. The appearance and perseverance of the wood depends on how the deck is prepared for stain, and only those with the right training and experience can do this properly. Neglected or improperly stained decks can fail within 7-12 years, while decks maintained properly can last over 20 years.

Our Promise

I promise honesty, timeliness, and a commitment to do excellent work. We are fully insured, can point you to reviews of our company, and can provide references if needed. Thank you for your consideration.

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A new deck stained with a light penetrating oil Deck Staining Raleigh, NC
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We will properly clean your deck with appropriate pressure to protect the wood and ensure it lasts as long as possible.

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