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Deck Repair and Remodeling

Exterior wood is constantly exposed to the elements, thus it is often necessary to address problems with more than simply cleaning and staining. Some of these problems include:

  • Cracking, splintering, warping, and cupping of horizontal boards
  • Wood rot
  • Unsecure floors, framing, and railings due to loosening over time
  • Unsafe areas that are out of code
  • Damage due to hazardous weather

Apart from specific problems, some customers just want to remodel their deck for a better look and feel. Triangle Home & Deck is able to offer:

  • Repair services: We can offer board replacement and numerous other fixes to address the problems listed above and show you how to properly maintain your deck in the future
  • Remodeling services: We can install new floors, rails, and posts - as well as completely new additions to your deck - with the same or different material and keep this new wood protected and looking great for years to come
  • Rebuilding services: Sometimes the best option is to strip the deck down to the frame and start over with new wood and a better maintenance plan. This can be a fraction of the cost of building an entirely new deck.

Our training and experience with exterior wood enables us to combine excellent construction and carpentry work with the best wood preservation and maintenance techniques to ensure your deck stays beautiful and lasts as long as possible. Please call or fill out a form to get a free quote for our deck repair, remodeling, and rebuilding services.

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Other Wood Structures

We can help with restoring and protecting your other exterior wood structures. Give us a call 919-525-3272 for a free estimate.


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Triangle Home and Deck also specializes in wood replacement and repair.
We can offer a variety of solutions short of replacing your entire deck.

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